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EXCEL CoolCoat - Heat Reflective Roof Coating in Aurangabad . Your building remains cool even during peak summer. . Reduce air-conditioned and humidification electricity cost drastically upto 40% . Reduction of roof heat up to 20° C. . Reflects 90% of IR rays and 85% of UV rays. . Prevents formation of cracks and ageing of buildings due to heat, thus extends the life of the buildings for a longer period. . You can walk over the coated surface comfortably. Rooms remain cool and you will not feel summer inside. . Can be applied on any type of surfaces like Asbestos, GI roof, aluminium, plastic, poly carbonate roof, RCC roofs, tiles, Etc. . Life of the coating is around 6 to 7 years. Heat Proof Paint Manufacturer in Aurangabad White reflective roof paint Manufacturer in Aurangabad Cool paint for roof Manufacturer in Aurangabad Excel roof paint Manufacturer in Aurangabad Reflective roof coating Manufacturer in Aurangabad

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