EXCEL CoolCoat Terrace Heat Reducing Coatings

EXCEL CoolCoat Terrace Heat Reducing Coatings

We share glorious credentials for manufacturing, exporting and supplying EXCEL CoolCoat Terrace Heat Reducing Coatings, globally. We make use of high-grade UV resistant for manufacturing these coatings. Apart from this, they are configured with microspores for blocking sunlight. Buyers can also acquire Our Heat Reducing Coatings in tailored grades.


More About EXCEL CoolCoat Terrace Heat Reducing Coatings

  • We use best and original imported UV resistant and reflecting material which works by reflecting off the sunlight, thereby reducing the heat and it also has microspores that block the sunlight. Even at 1.00 P.M there is no heat on Terrace wherever allied our "Terrace Cool Coat"
  • The Complete anti leakage property of our roof coatings during monsoons provide a comfortable environment to the buildings. With its brilliant solar heat reflecting property, our roof coatings keep the building cool even in the peak afternoons. Easy to use, our water and heat repellant paints provide a favorable ambience to the buildings.
  • Cipla technologies&innovation(P)limited dealing with this kind of product and service for the past many years .The company is constituted by an experienced Chemist


Advantages :

  • EXCEL CoolCoat - Heat Proof Roof Coating
  • Reflecting UV and IR rays back to the atmosphere.
  • Eliminates the necessity for false ceiling.
  • More the sunlight, more will be the re-radiation.
  • Can be coated on any roofing material / side walls.
  • Prevents Island effect.
  • Helps in reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses.
  • Resistant to water, fungus and mould.
  • Improves the efficiency of roof ventilators.
  • Reduces global warming.