Heat insulation inte

EXCEL InsulX - Heat insulation internal thin film coating

Heat insulation internal thin film coating for roof EXCEL InsulX is a first of its kind elastic pure insulation thin film coating which can be applied on the interior or exterior of the roof to stop the penetration of the heat into the buildings through the roof & Side walls. Advantages: • Excellent service life of 7 to 10 years. • Saves up to 40% in humidified and air-conditioned / heated areas. • Acts as a climatic barrier all-round the year. Prevents heat from entering the building during hot summer and prevents cold from entering inside during winters. • Excellent result in both hot and cold weathers. • Easy application • Can be applied on plastered walls. • Can be applied on hot or cold pipelines to minimise loss. • Can be tinted to any desired colours for internal application. • Can be tailor made as per customer requirements.

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