Self-Maintenance Nan

EXCEL StayClean - Self clean and anti static Nano coating for solar panels and glass facades

Self-Maintenance Nano Coating For Solar Panels & Glass Facades • EXCEL StayClean is an easy-to-apply, single-step application coating designed to increase the efficiency of solar panels. Through its anti-static properties, it prevents dust and debris build up. • It is also self-cleaning given it’s hydrophilic properties, which allows unwanted particles to be easily removed with only water rather than harsh chemical cleaners. Not only do the self-cleaning properties allow for an increase in photovoltaic efficiency, but also lower maintenance costs and frequency. • It is completely transparent and does not change the appearance of solar panels. Features  Antistatic function Dirt is hard to stick such as carbon and sand etc., and it is easy to fall.  Decomposition function The organic particles that stick to the panel surface are decomposed & it washes away the dirt in the rain and running water only. It prevents dirt of organic oils and dirt from adhering on its surface. Cleaning dirt floated by the super hydrophilic function.  Fast-dry at room temperature It is the immediate effect at room temperature, fast-dry after coating.  Chemical resistance up in the hard coat Easy cleaning such as acid rain. Adhesion of the corpse of the insect and bird droppings is also easy for cleaning.  Anti-fog Window, glass, mirror has a very clear view in the superhydrophilic effect.  High transparency and low refractive Suppresses the interrupt, reflection and depression, also the visible light transmittance preventing deterioration. Areas of Application:  Hotels  Restaurants  Casinos  Fountains, sculptures and landmark  Industrial Facilities  Health Care  Automobile & Transport  Architect/Engineers/General Purpose

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