EXCEL StayCool is a

EXCEL StayCool - Transparent heat reflective coating for glass

EXCEL StayCool is a liquid glass coating that shields against the sun's harmful rays for living comfort and energy savings. Currently, it has been attracting attention to thermal barrier glass coat as global warming measurement. By applying a thermal barrier glass coating to glass-walled building, we aim to reduce air conditioning costs 20 percent to 30 percent. Areas of Application:  Automotive  Home & Office  Hospitals  Commercial  Aerospace & Defense  IT Parks  High Raise Buildings Features  90% Infrared rays are cut Reduces air conditioning usage and increases efficiency and comfort. Retains heat indoor, reduces cool draft and condensation on windows.  20% Energy savings & Co2 reduction Estimated reduction of 5.6kgm² /annum of CO² emission*3.  99% Ultraviolet rays are cut Formulated to block off 99% sun’s UVA and UVB. Protects human skin from pigmentation and cancer. Fading and aging of valuables and furniture are reduced. Insects attracted from indoor UV lights are kept out.  70% Visible light transmission Reduces reflection on glass due to crystal like nature and saves artificial light during day by gathering natural light.  10 years durability With 6H hardness, product has a high scratch resistance, does not peel, de-metalize or require special maintenance. Possess strong binding property and does not pose any toxic dangers.

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