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Super Hydrophobic Coating in Belapur Super Hydrophobic Coating EXCEL NanoSeal is a colourless liquid. 1 kg of the concentrate is to be mixed with 10 - 12 lts of water to make it ready to use. 1 kg of EXCEL NanoSeal can cover 250 -350 sq.ft area. Pour / spray the mixture on the concrete / brick and allow it to absorb as much as possible. Then allow it to dry for 48 hours. It penetrates through all the micro pores and cracks in the concrete and makes it completely water repellent. Since it is a Nano particle and it covers all the pores and cracks, it does not allow any penetration of water through the treated surface. The life of the coating will be 15+ years. This can be also used for treating internal bathroom leaks and water tank leaks. Mainly designed for RCC and porous structures. Waterproof coating in Belapur Water repellent coating in Belapur Hydrophobic coating in Belapur Waterproof coating for cement surfaces in Belapur Leak proof coating in Belapur Seepage prevention coating in Belapur

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